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Dr. Laurel Geise, MBA, D.Min.
CEO and Founder, Mindfulness at Work Expert, Speaker

Dr. Laurel Geise, a highly sought after speaker and business consultant, is the CEO and Founder of The Geise Group. Dr. Geise is recognized as a leading expert in Mindfulness at Work training. ​During her thirty year corporate career, Dr. Geise held executive positions in Fortune 500 companies including C-Level positions in Corporate Compliance and Information Security, and was a consultant for the largest banks in the world. She holds a Bachelors degree in Organizational Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration.

As a mindfulness teacher, Laurel has introduced thousands of people to the benefits of mindfulness over the last twenty-five years. She is the Co-founder and Executive Director of the MMI Mindful Training Company offering Mindfulness at Work Training Programs globally and Trainer Certification Programs. 

With a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), she is the thought leader who introduced Soul-Guided Leadership™, a personal and professional leadership strategy combining mindfulness principles, meditation practices and management tactics.

Sarah McLean 

Founder, McLean Meditation Institute, Mindfulness Expert, Author


Sarah McLean, Founder of the McLean Meditation Institute, is recognized worldwide as an expert in meditation and mindfulness. She has instructed students for 20 years and facilitates retreats at The Chopra Center, Esalen and many world-class destinations. Her work has been shared on national television and touted in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times.


The McLean Meditation Institute, located in Santa Barbara, California, is a center which offers meditation and mindfulness classes, weekend meditation retreats, and a teacher training program.  The Meditation Teacher Academy® is a licensed, post-secondary educational facility that trains meditation and mindfulness teachers worldwide.

Dr. Don Allen, PhD 

Work/Like Balance, Stress Management & Psychological Safety Expert

Dr. Don Allen, PhD, is a nationally renowned expert in mindful work/life balance, stress management  and psychological safety in the workplace. Dr. Allen divides his time between private practice and working with organizations. 


Dr. Allen received his PhD from Columbia University.  He has taught at Columbia University, The Ohio State University, Ohio University and Ashland University. He is the Founder of the Columbia Counseling, Consulting and Research Center in Columbus, Ohio

As a scholar and researcher, Dr. Allen provides workshops and corporate training based on the latest scientific research to educate business and community leaders.

Kimberly Wise Clark 

Mindfulness and Meditation Expert, Speaker, Corporate Trainer


Kimberly Wise Clark, a nationally recognized expert in meditation and mindfulness, is the Co-Founder of ReCenter Consulting located in Mission Beach, California. She is a professional speaker, corporate trainer and leadership coach.


Kimberly was a key member of the team that established the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in California. Most recently as a Master Educator for the Chopra Center, she collaborated with Dr. Deepak Chopra to introduce the "Secrets to Vibrant Health" program to 50,000 online participants seeking to transform professional and personal success.

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