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Mindfulness at Work Programs

Our experts help you from inception to funding to deployment.


We offer a comprehensive range of strategic business consulting services including: 

Build your Business Case: Partner with us to build your business case for a Mindfulness at Work Program.

Executive Training: Educate your leaders on the strategic competitive advantages of Mindfulness Programs.


Mindfulness Program Deployment Blueprint™: Leverage our proven done-wth-you methodology to faciitate implementing each phase of your program—architected to meet your needs, objectives and corporate footprint.


Mindfulness Program Manager™ Certification:  We train your Mindfulness Program Manager™ to introduce, lead, grow and sustain your Mindfulness at Work Program.

Whil™ Technology Platform: We are strategic partners with the Whil™ team, offering you the leading on-demand mindfulness technology available.

On-going Support: Updates on the latest research and best practices to continually enhance your program.

Company and Community™ Initiative: When you partner with The Geise Group, we donate a complimentary mindfulness training session to your favorite charity in your community on your behalf. As a sponsor providing mindfulness programs to your community, your leadership contribution will be recognized and appreciated.

We help organizations to deploy Mindfulness at Work Programs to increase productivity, enhance personal wellness and positively impact bottom line profitability.

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